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Home » Omi Reserve Burns could matter again in veve / ecomi tokenomics

Omi Reserve Burns could matter again in veve / ecomi tokenomics

Omi Reserve Burns could matter again in veve / ecomi tokenomics

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Lots to cover in today’s video, some ideas to make the buybacks compliant so we can actually use the buyback fund differently, opensea has a new protocol to make fees cheaper,imx are looking for devs for gaming jobs, cannon crisis and feesh are having celebrations and we have some new NFTs coming to veve

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Sandbox franchise
01:06 – Opensea’s new protocol
01:28 – Immutable x gaming
02:39 – Ascendex rate lowered
03:56 – Cannon Crisis game
05:26 – feesh day celebrations
07:00 – future veve happenings
12:26 – Ama Round up
15:50 – Lightyear NFT
16:32 – New Pride
17:46 – Buybacks are back, sort of

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